Machine Learning for Robotics

Spring 2024


General Information

Times & Places

TuTh 3:30PM - 4:50PM, HSS 1315

Course Staff

Name Email
Instructor Hao Su
Co-Instructor Jiayuan Gu
Co-Instructor Tongzhou Mu
Co-Instructor Stone Tao
Course Assistant Minghua Liu

Office Hours


This is a course for senior undergrads and graduate students, covering core concepts and algorithms in classical robotics and the more modern learning-based methods for robotics. We assume that the course takers have already taken certain deep learning courses, and are interested in how to train a robot that can interact with the physical world by machine learning methods. The first half of this course covers basic concepts and algorithms of robotics, and the second half introduces the basic concepts, algorithms, and research trends of reinforcement learning.

One feature of this course is that, we will instruct the students to build an armed robot in a simulated virtual environment through programming assignments. For the final project, we ask students to compete in a table-top object organization challenge using the built robot.



To apply for enrollment, you need to fill in the Google Form at the course announcement page of CSE.

Grading (tentative)

The course includes mandatory homeworks, course projects, and optional homeworks. The load of the course will be relatively heavy.


The planned syllabus is as below. Certain contents may be added or removed based upon the interactions in class and other situations.


Thank Sapien for support.