Machine Learning Meets Geometry

CSE291-I00 - Winter 2021


01/12/2021: Homework 1 is released on Piazza, due 01/29/2021 23:59 PM
01/04/2021: Welcome to the course!
01/04/2021: Homework 0 is released on Piazza, due 01/12/2021 23:59 PM

General Information

Times & Places
TuTh 3:30PM - 4:50PM, Zoom link on Piazza

Course Staff

Name Email Office Hours Location
Instructor Hao Su Tuesday 5-6 PM
Thursday 5-6 PM
(Pacific Time)
see Piazza
Teaching Assistant Fanbo Xiang Thursday 9-10 PM
Friday 4-5 PM
(Pacific Time)
see Piazza


This is a graduate level course to teach state-of-the-art concepts and algorithms of geometry that are being used in computer graphics, computer vision and machine learning. It should enable you to read and replicate recent 3D papers in top CV/CG conferences (not industry job oriented).