Deep Learning for 3D Data

CSE275 - Fall 2023


09/19/2023: Welcome to the course!
09/19/2023: Homework 0 will be released on Piazza, due 10/03/2023 23:59 PM

General Information

Times & Places

MoWeFr 6:00PM - 6:50PM, Warren Lecture Hall

Course Staff

Name Email Office Hours Location
Instructor Prof. Hao Su Wed 2:00pm-3:00pm CSE 4114
Teaching Assistant Yunhao Fang Thu 12:00pm-1:00pm CSE B250A


This is a graduate-level course to teach foundational and state-of-the-art concepts and algorithms of using deep learning methods for understanding and synthesizing 3D geometric data. The knowledge are widely used in applicatons of computer graphics, computer vision, and machine learning.